out walking the dog yesterday (October 25th 2020) and saw this...it made me realise with our countryside blanketed in these amazing colours....why not make some maps to reflect that. 

below you can see the photos I took from October 25th 2020, along with others from previous years. I sampled the colours from these photos to inform the choice of colours in the autumn series of maps

below are a series of sample screenshot images of the artwork on the computer for gloucestershire and the cotswolds

beyond the choice of colours for the main map area I altered a few other elements of the design. River labels are a much softer chalkier tone of blue and the walking routes and labels were made a slightly browner red. A more definitive change was made to all the additional dark grey map elements such as the scale, border, compass, title and sites of interest. It's all been changed to a dark brown to expand on the autumnal feel