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Framed Vintage maps by the Cartographic Arts


The autumnal series was born out walking the dogs in October 2020. The colours on that particular day were simply striking, covering the landscape in a blanket of seasonal kaleidoscopic brilliance, so why not directly take those colours and reflect them in the design of a map. I took a series of photos, uploaded them to the computer and sampled the colours. These were then reflected directly in the creation of the autumnal maps.


Maps of Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, the Cotswolds, Warwickshire and Worcestershire were created. 

I also changed a few fonts used for the map elements around the artwork such as the title, scale and compass creating a little more distinction from the original maps. The colour of all these elements was also changed from grey to brown. 

The results have been fantastic, the only draw back being the difficult choice for customers between the original version and an autumnal.

In 2022
Devon, High Weald and Kent were added to the Autumnal map series.


Vintage map print of Kent
    Framed Cotswold map

    thin matte black

    Framed Map of the Cotswolds

    thick matte black

    Cotswolds uk Framed map

    thin light walnut

    Cotswolds england framed map

    thick light walnut

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