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Vintage map of Newcastle upon Tyne



A map of the Metropolitan Borough of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. This is one of 5 boroughs that make up the metropolitan county of Tyne and Wear.

The design is a blend of my county maps and the London borough maps with additional details and labelling across the map such as street names and schools providing an intimate and personal feel to the map for anyone with Newcastle close to their heart.

Newcastle has an incredible history dating back to the Romans. I have plotted over 50 sites of significant historical and cultural interest which brings that history into focus with the design of the map.

Like all maps in my 'county' series they are available in two sizes:
100 x 70 cm (original design size)
84.1 x 59.4 cm (a1) 

framed print and framed canvas print versions are also available.

Click here for more info on the
specifications or directly on the map in the shop below

Newcastle is as far north as my maps go so far. A little further down the cost is
Vintage map of Newcastle

frame options

Framed map of Newcastle

thin matte black

Framed vintage map of Newcastle

thick matte black

Framed Newcastle city map

thin light walnut

Framed map of Newcastle upon Tyne

thick light walnut

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