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Map of North Yorkshire

how it all started

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My parents moved to Stroud in the Cotswolds when I was 7, way back in 1988. They were Geologists and I followed in their footsteps with a love of the outdoors and the natural world.

Cartography is a big thing in Geology and with a degree in Geology myself from Birmingham University in 2003 and a Masters from Imperial a year later I got to see, study and make a lot of maps. The Cotswolds has a strong connection with Geology. The 'Father of Geology', William Smith, produced some of the first Geological maps from his base in Stow-on-the-Wold. You will find a plaque in the square there if you pay a visit. 

After graduating I worked in many places around the world, carrying with me an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to do my own thing.

In 2011 I returned to the Cotswolds and established an electric bike shop. In 2017 I started a new business called the Cotswold Discovery Trail which brought cartography and graphic design skills into my life for the first time. Bringing the Discovery Trail to life saw me criss-crossing the Cotswolds determining the routes, devising questions and sampling the beer in many a country pub.

I looked for a gorgeous map of the Cotswolds I could hang on my wall at home but there was nothing out there. This was a huge surprise as it's a celebrated area for its natural beauty, loved by those who live here and popular with tourists from all over the world. Therefore I decided to design my own. The result is 'the cartographic arts'. 

People keep telling me they love a good map. We have some here....

I often have a market stall selling my maps at several local craft markets in Cirencester, Cheltenham and Worcester. These are the first, second and third Saturday's of the month. There is also a fabulous craft market at The Suffolks in Cheltenham that I often attend. Come and find me and my maps there if you want to take a closer look or you are welcome to make an appointment to see me at my studio in Stroud.

Daniel Robinson

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