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this is my first map in a series that will cover the south east of England. This will include, East & West Sussex, Surrey, Surrey Hills AONB, High Weald AONB and the South Downs National Park

the Kent map is now available in 2 sizes (B1: 100 x 70 cm - original design size and A1: 84.1 x 59.4 cm). It is a large county and the amount of information in the map means more detail has been lost than with other maps when reducing the size to A1. About 5% of text labels have been removed to avoid overlap and congestion.

kent is now available in 3 versions I have added an 'autumnal' version in October 2022. I think it looks gorgeous. Autumnal edition maps have a softer balance of colours sampled from autumn trees and use brown for the map elements such as the scale, compass, border and site text

The maps looks brilliant. The landscape and countryside of Kent his fabulous with wonderful ridges and contours that stretch across the county. Kent is also packed full of 'great' British history from the Battle of Hastings and Canterbury Cathedral to the Robertsbridge Codex and the Channel Tunnel

Check out Kent's westerly neighbour
East Sussex
Vintage map of Kent
Framed map of Kent Downs
Kent Downs - AONB

i have produced 2 versions of this map. A single colour map and coloured sections, which represent the portions of the different districts in Kent that complete the Kent Downs.

both Kent Downs maps are available in both sizes. 

large - 100 x 70 cm (original design size)
small - 84.1 x 59.4 cm (A1)

framed options available for paper and canvas prints

Vintage mao of the Kent Downs

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Framed map of Kent Downs AONB

thin matte black

Black Framed map of Kent Downs

thick matte black

Vintage framed map of kent Downs

thin light walnut

Framed map of the Kent Downs

thick light walnut