'county' series

large: 70 cm x 100 cm - original design size (cornwall is 90 x 90 cm)

small: (a1) 59 cm x 84 cm

oak frame is 3cm in width

district maps are a2 (59 x 42 cm)

'london' series

a2 (42 cm x 59 cm) or 50 cm x 70 cm

one size per borough check which size is applicable to each borough 


the artwork

each map follows the same design standards in colour choices and composition

distinctions are made for each map such as a unique compass design and sites of significant historical and cultural interest relevant to that map

all sites of significant historical & cultural interest are researched from the National Trust, Historic England, English Heritage & Britain Express

the frames

the frames are hand made in the UK to meet your order


the frame I offer across all the maps is a solid light oak frame. Simple and elegant, I believe it complements the maps perfectly.

the frames are sealed at the back securing the artwork. This minimises changes in moisture levels, which is particularly important for paper prints and prevents dust and muck getting inside the frame.

a secure string hander is screwed into the back and cushioning pads are placed at the bottom corners.


using glass is simply not an option when delivering framed artwork like this, especially with the large sizes involved

courier companies don't insure glass in picture frames and breakage rates are high

a 2mm thick high grade extruded acrylic or plexiglass is used. it is lighter in weight than glass and has up to 50% greater transparency with obvious benefits to viewing the artwork

framed canvas

beautifully printed on white polyester canvas with no glazing between you and the artwork allowing the colours to really sing. the canvas is stretched around a separate frame before being set inside the display frame

a string hanger is screwed in and cushioning pads applied to the bottom corners

a matte laminate protection layer is applied to the artwork to protect it and ensure its longevity

because the artwork is exposed its best to hang these where elbows and hips can't do any damage, typically above a good piece of furniture

paper & printing

a 230 gsm weight, white, matte fine art archival paper is used

the latest Canon inkjet printing technology is used. this is a 12-ink system that is often referred to as 'giclee' printing

this offers greater protection of the artworks longevity with 70 to 100 years quoted to guarantee its integrity against fading colours

paper expands and contracts readily with exposure to changes in temperature and moisture. this can cause ripples in the paper behind the glass or acrylic.

avoid hanging above radiators and fireplaces

the cartographic arts address

address: 60 Bisley Old Rd

Stroud, Gloucestershire, GL5 1LZ

phone: 01453 768 598

email: thecartographicarts@gmail.com

the legal stuff

all work is my own and subject to copyright

registered company name: Clean Wheels Ltd

company number: 07047771



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