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Mini Maps

Smaller versions of my county, national park and national landscape maps


Mini Maps

A series of smaller maps re-designed from my county, national park and national landscape maps giving you greater choice and ability to fit your wall spaces.

Because of the greatly reduced sizes from the original artwork some amount of detail and artwork is lost.

Firstly the sites of significant historical and cultural interest have been removed.

The civil parish boundaries and labels have been lost along with much labelling of woods, parks and hill tops, although prominent geographic locations have always been maintained though.


The national walking routes have also been removed. However on some maps one or two have been maintained if that walk is synonymous with the map such as the Cotswold Way on the Cotswold map.

The series also has some common design aspects used specifically for these maps.

There is a slight off white ivory background and the border is a pastel burnt orange colour. This same colour has also been delicately used across other elements such as the compass, scale and title.

The greater simplicity, reduced sizes and design changes has created a wonderful series of maps that has lost none of their beauty.

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available in 3 sizes


59.4 x 42 cm (A2)
50 x 35.3 cm (B3)

42 x 29.7 cm (A3)

Off the shelf frames will be available for these standard sizes and they are small enough if you want to add a mount.

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