personalise a map to mark a special occasion 

titles, dates, names or personal messages

add your own sites of significant interest


personalising the map


perhaps a family member has a big birthday coming up, someone you love is moving into a new home or a successful graduation needs celebrating. my maps could be the perfect gift

to mark such occasions i can add personal touches to the map itself, including dates, names, titles of an event and personal messages, creating a unique gift that holds something special and significant

dates, names and titles of an event are usually added sympathetically around the title of the map. a personal message is typically added somewhere separately

simply get in touch with the details of your occasion or event and the words you would like to include, especially if you would like to include a personal message

i will bring the design together and send a draft for your approval via email

a standard £25 charge is applicable


01453 768 598

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free personalised gift card


if you're buying a map as a gift for someone and we're sending it directly to them, let us know if you would like a gift card and personal note added in the package


send me an email as soon as you have placed your order with what you would like written, citing your order number

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your own sites of significant interest


i have done some wonderful maps for people where a distinct section is added of personal sites of significant interest

locations of weddings, first jobs, first dates and significant events that can be marked on the map. let me know your ideas and bring together the text and I will populate your map

for the example here I also added favourite dog walks, cycle and motorbike routes along with additional maps of the customers civil parish and village

more extensive map customisations can be made. please get in contact with your thoughts and we will see what's possible and provide a quote

many thanks


01453 768 598