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Cymru / Wales maps

There are three main versions of the Cymru / Wales map. The country as a whole (single colour), the preserved counties and the county boroughs.

Each of these has two versions. A simple distinction in the main title where one has just Cymru and the other Cymru and Wales

There is 1 size available for each, my typical larger size. The amount of detail packed in with the size of the subject area means it simply won't go any smaller 

Large: 100 x 70 cm - B1 (original design size)

These are gorgeous maps, which took me about six weeks to produce. A lot of time care and attention has been poured in. I hope that comes across.

Year of design 2023

South Wales map print
Wales county maps.jpg

Cymru / Wales county maps

a series of county and national park maps are available. Not every map is available in every size, it depends on how the artwork presents at different sizes. (make a relatively small subject area too big in print and things just don't look right).

some are A3 (42 x 29.7 cm) only, others A3 and A2 (59.4 x 42 cm) and others A2 and B2 (70x50cm)

see what's available in each product page and make your selection

all are available on fine art paper or canvas.

A3 size prints are not available framed.

an off white background is applied to the maps with the map furniture (scale, border, compass title etc) in a dark green.

Framed map of Wales

thick light walnut

Framed map of Wales

thin light walnut

Framed map of Cymru

thin matte black

Black frame map of Cymru

thick matte black

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