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Vintage style map of Worcestershire with districts - Mini map version

stunning contemporary design inspired from classic and vintage maps. 


The mini map series takes my large scale county, national park and landscape maps, reducing them down to smaller sizes for those with less wallspace.


A certain amount of detail is sacrificed including the civil parish boundaries and labels, national walking routes, streams and the majority of hill and wood labels. Major geographic landmarks  are maintained.


The Sites of Significant Historical and Cultural Interest are also lost.


A light off white background is applied 


the product

product size: 

A3 - 29.7cm  x 42 cm (Print only)

B3 - 35.3 cm x 50 cm (Print only)

A2 - 42 cm x 59.4 cm 


product types:

print only on paper: HP Matte Litho Realistic 270gsm - a beautiful, off-white ivory paper with a colour-stable coating, has the look and feel of heavy, offset paper. Prints are designed to last on this colour-stable, lignin-free, buffered paper. Printed using the latest HP fine art printing technology with guarantees of the artworks colour integrity for up to 200 years. 


print only on canvas: Rather than paper choose our canvas option. This cotton / polyester woven mix is a textured material that is stretched around a stretcher frame then placed in a display frame WITHOUT GLAZING. This means there is no glare or reflection allowing the artwork to be seen clearly from any angle around the room. Check with your local framers but most will be able to do this. 


framed print: Framed prints are not available 


framed canvas print: let us create your framed canvas print for you choosing one of our four frame options. Only available in A2 size.


frame options: there are 4 frame choices available from the cartographic arts. two matte black options, one thick and one thin, and two of a light walnut finish, one thick one thin. 

thin matte black - 21 mm

thick matte black - 28 mm

thin light walnut - 19 mm

thick light walnut 28 mm

the price is the same across all frame types and between framed prints and framed canvas prints. The only change in price occurs with size. 


For more details and diagrams on all the specifications and build quality visit the main SPECIFICATION PAGE


the artwork

a complete map Worcestershire with its districts and the areas bordering the county


details on the map include:

topography and hill shading

road network

rail network and train stations

parks & open spaces

rivers, lakes and reservoirs

woods and forests

neighbouring counties and boundaries 

Major tracks and paths



there is a complete key, title, scale and compass 


Worcestershire Districts - Mini Map

PriceFrom £30.00

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