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High Weald map print

High Weald


a large area of east sussex is within the high weald AONB then a large section of Kent and smaller parts of west sussex and a tiny portion of surrey. there are now three versions of the high weald map. a new autumnal edition map has been released in October 2022 that shows these different county sections

autumnal edition maps use a softer balance of colours on the county sections that reflect the beautiful autumn kaleidoscope that blossoms in October. All the map elements such as the scale, compass, border and site text have been changed from grey to brown

all maps are available in two sizes

large - 100 x 70 cm (original design size)
small - 84.1 x 59.4 cm (A1)

framed options available for paper and canvas prints

for more information on the specifications of the product options click here


High Weald map print
Framed map print of High Weald

thin matte black

High Weald Framed Map

thick matte black

Vintage framed map of High Weald

thin light walnut

Home Decor framed map of High Weald

thick light walnut