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London Map prints

london series


A series of A2 and B2 size map prints of London boroughs. Ideal wall art of the place in London Town close to your heart.


I initially started work on a Greater London map but changed direction to focus on individual boroughs. I started with Wandsworth as that was where I lived for many years back in the 0's. 

The design of the maps is certainly related to the county maps but developed to accommodate the smaller scale of the subject area along with dense urban areas rather than rural landscapes. 

I have tried to pack in as much of the street naming as possible but including every name is not an option. It crowds the map and many of the names are too long to fit in. I have added all the schools. Many who live in London have or are raising families with ties past and present so it's important to include them on the map. 

One thing these London maps have made me realise is the amount of parks and green space the city is blessed with. They certainly make an impression on the design.


The Thames is of course a central theme in London and many of the boroughs border it. The river is a wonderful feature of the maps so my focus will continue to be on those London boroughs that have a relationship with the river before moving on to others.


I imminently have Lambeth and Southwark coming out and a number of other maps not far behind. It's a case of finalising the research and writing the sites of significant historical and cultural interest. Camden, Islington, Greenwich, Chelsea & Kensington, Richmond and Hackney are all in the pipeline. 

If there is a particular map you want to champion please don't hesitate to get in touch

I would like to expand a portfolio of city maps and have started with Newcastle. 

Wandsworth Map print
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