Yorkshire Lancashire border map.png

(coming for Christmas)


I am producing a range of Yorkshire maps including separate county maps of North, South, West and East Riding each with 2 versions. One displaying the districts and the other without.

I am also producing a map of all 4 counties together. This will be a much larger map than I have previously produced due to the size of the area covered and the desire to maintain the level of detail all my other maps employ. 

The size of the map is likely to be 140 cm x 120 cm. 

I am also looking to produce a smaller version of this but the design and detail of the map will have to change in ways not fully determined yet. 
West Yorkshire map.png
Yorkshire Map
I am looking forward to completing these maps. Most of my maps so far have a personal reason for doing them and this is where it all started for me as I was born in Hull. 

My Mums side of the family are from Leeds and my Dad and his family are from Halifax, so it's a place close to my heart. 

The map covering all of Yorkshire is quite an epic undertaking. There are close to 6,000 text labels on the map, not least the towns and villages across the length and breadth of Yorkshire. Hill tops, dales, moors and woodlands. Rivers, railways, stations and viaducts, parks and golf courses and every single civil parish across all 4 counties. 

Each has been typed, positioned, sized and styled accordingly.