imperfect prints 


imperfect prints

great discounts available

this page lists a series of early prints i have made of most maps for proof reading and design checking before final changes. some were also used for photography and have gained creases or marks on the paper.


they are not available to purchase online. For enquiries and questions on these please call or email.​

01453 768 598



large print 70x100cm

imperfect prints of

oxfordshire - 70 x 100cm

warwickshire - 70 x 100cm

somerset - 100 x 70cm

gloucestershire - 70 x 100cm

gloucestershire - a1

cotswolds - a1

used for proofing and photography

all available for £45 inc free UK delivery

all have some minor labelling errors that are very difficult to see

the paper will have foxing round the edges and small creases where it has been handled. Once framed they will be almost impossible to see.



large print 70x100cm

Framed canvas print of Worcestershire in black & white. 70 x 100 cm.

I constantly test new and different companies for their printing and framing services. One recently sent me a black and white version of my Worcestershire map by mistake. Strange, but there you are. The print and frame quality are exceptional, however the map has lost the radiance and charm of its colours and also much of its composition as certain distinctions in the design are made difficult to see in grey scale. That being said the build quality of the frame and print quality are top notch.


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