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(coming soon)

sydney maps

i am developing a large map of sydney from sutherland council in the south to the northern beaches

this is likely to be 70 x 100 cm with perhaps the option for a smaller a1 size

the design is a blend of my county maps and the london series

a series of smaller a2 size sydney council maps will also be produced such as northern beaches, north sydney and waverley

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when complete the sydney map along with the rest of the cartographic arts portfolio will be available to purchase in australia direct from cartographic arts representatives

contact details and further information on this will be available shortly 

there is a lot of design work to complete on the map and research on sites of significant historical & cultural interest, but its completion is scheduled for early in the new year (images you see on this page are far from complete)

like my cornwall map includes cornish language place names, wherever possible native aboriginal place names, history and etymology will be included 

i have been to sydney many times over the years. what an amazing place it is. i am confident we will have a map to do it justice

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